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a little bit about me…

Photography not only fulfills me but it helps fulfill my desire to serve others. It provides a creative outlet for me to express my creativity and vision of how I think photography should be. It allows me to interact with amazing people, including my clients and other industry vendors.

I’m a people person: so much so I could probably talk to a tree. My sister always laughs at me when we’re out and I start chatting it up with someone next to me on the train or the nail artist doing my nails.

My sole purpose in life is to give my praise and my success to my Savior and Creator, and one way I can convey his love is to help others. My business is all about crafting photographs for the feminine, vibrant bride and her groom who is madly in love with her groom. Come along for the ride, I’d love to see the magic we can make behind the camera! After all, Marriage is a big deal... and you want your keepsake moments in the hands of someone who stands beside you with a camera in hand, appreciation for the unity of marriage and passion in her heart!

Now let’s stop talking business and talk about a few fun things!

Here are some fast facts about me:

• Fashion

• Health + Wellness

• Jesus

• My husband + my family

• Baking + Cooking

• Reading a good book

• I’d be lying if I didn’t include french fries, pizza, or any other fried junk food


• A relaxing manicure

• Hot showers + sugar scrub

• Windows down + breeze flowing

  • Born + raised on a farm (country music is my jam, but so is indie/80s & everything else under the sun)

• My hometown

• PA farmland

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